One of the most useful apps provided through SharePoint is the tasks app which gives the ability to track which users own each task, view the current priority and status for each task and even specify whether tasks are predecessors of other tasks. Tasks lists can be connected to Microsoft Outlook, so that they can be managed from within the Outlook platform.

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To create a tasks list, first click on the settings button in the top right hand corner of the page and select Site Contents from the drop down list.

Click on the add an app at the top of the page.

Select the Tasks app from the list of available apps.

Enter a name for the Task List and click create.

The tasks list has now been added to the Site Contents. To add a new task, click the +new task button.

You can then populate the Task Name, start date, due date and which user the task should be assigned to. You also have the option to show more fields.

In the show more section you have the ability to populate the % complete, description of the task, associate any predecessor tasks, as well as select the task status; these fields can all be edited at any point throughout the process. Click save to create the task.

Your task will now appear in the task list, displaying the name, due date and who it assigned to.

Clicking on the ellipses icon will open the menu for the task, from here you can choose to open the task to edit details, you can additional select whether to add the task to the timeline as well as create as many subtasks for the item as required.

Once a task is completed, simply click on the checkbox beside the item, this will mark the task as complete and score through the item.

There are a number of views for the Task App which can be utilised out of the box. The full list can be accessed by clicking on the ellipses beside the search box:

• Calendar – shows all active tasks in a calendar view

• Completed – shows only those tasks that have been marked as complete

• Gantt Chart – shows all active tasks in a Gantt Chart view

• Late Tasks – shows only those tasks which have passed the designated Due Date and have not been marked as complete

• My Tasks – shows only those tasks which have been assigned to the user viewing the list

• Upcoming – shows all tasks that have due dates in the near futureHaving the ability to sync a task list to Outlook means that items can then be available offline through Microsoft Outlook, to do this, simply click the list tab within the top ribbon of your task list.

And then click Connect to Outlook.

The following warning will appear, click allow.

A further dialogue box will open within Outlook, click Yes.

Tasks will not be sync’d to your outlook account, which can be accessed via the following button at the bottom left hand side of the outlook application.


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