If you aren’t using Microsoft Office Delve yet you really are missing out. This new offering from Microsoft utilises Office Graph in order to determine a user’s activity across Office 365 and display content relevant to that user on one personal home page view.

Content will display the documents that a user has been working on as well as content which is ‘trending’ within the company. Documents an individual has worked on themselves, documents they have shared with colleagues and even documents that their colleagues have edited will appear on the individuals Home view.

There is the added bonus that any document that a user has been working on which is private will show up on their Delve page but any of their colleagues who don’t have the correct permission will not have visibility of the document.

One of our favourite features of Delve is simple but so useful; the ‘Add to Board’ function.

On your Delve page each document has an ‘Add to Board’ button at the bottom; click this.

The first time you add a document to a board you  will receive the following warning message, informing you that others within your network will also see this board/you will see documents that they have added to group within any boards. Click ‘Got it’.

Type the name of your new board or select from the options of existing boards listed

Your board tag will appear at the bottom section of the document, clicking through this will take you to a view of the board showing all similar documents. You also have the ability to add the document to additional relevant boards by clicking the ‘+’ button, if you so wish.

It’s a simple concept but really advantageous in terms of organising documents and making the system as useful to the end user as possible. All those hours wasted searching for documents lost in the abyss of a shared drive are a thing of the past!

So which Office 365 plans include Delve?

Delve is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E1 – E4 subscription plans (this includes the corresponding A2 – A4 and G1 – G4 plans for Academic and Government customers respectively).

From January 2015, Delve has also been included in the Office 365 Business Essentials and Business Premium plans, Office 365 Small Business, Small Business Premium and Midsize Business plans.

Microsoft plans to roll out Delve to all customers that have one of the above subscriptions, both new and existing throughout 2015.

If you need any Office 365 support or want to learn more please see out Managed IT Support page.

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