Note: This item is specific to SharePoint 2010

When setting up a new site one of the key things to get right is the navigation; ensuring users are able to access the various areas of your site quickly and easily. A useful feature is to add drop down menus to your top navigation, but in order to do so you will need to enable the Publishing Features for the site collection. How can you tell if Publishing Features are enabled or not?

When you go to Site Settings, under the Look and Feel section is there a link through to Quick Launch and another link through to Top Link Bar?




 If the answer to this is yes then your Publishing Features have not been enabled. So how do you turn on Publishing Features?

At the site collection level, go to Site Settings and under the Site Actions heading select ‘Manage site features’.




 A list of features will appear, scroll down until you come to ‘SharePoint Server Publishing’ and click the ‘Activate’ button.


Publishing features should now be switched on. If this is the case when you go to Site Settings and look under the ‘Look and Feel’ heading the Quick Launch and Top Link Bar links should now be replaced with a single ‘Navigation’ link.



 Now that your Publishing Features have been enabled you can go ahead and set up drop downs within your top navigation. First click through the Navigation link and scroll down to the ‘Navigation Editing and Sorting’ section. Within this section you are able to reorder and modify the navigation items under your site. You can create, delete and edit navigation links and headings. ‘Global Navigation’ refers to the top navigation bar, whereas ‘Current Navigation’ contains items for the Left Navigation. 





 As an example, let’s say we would like to add a drop down for the ‘Processes’ item which is contained within the top navigation of a site. Highlight the ‘Processes’ heading and click ‘Add Link’



In the description field enter the name of your item that you would like to appear in the drop down and input the appropriate URL required to direct users to the appropriate location for the item.

Each link added will appear under the appropriate heading.




A drop down will now appear on the top navigation of your site with the items added through the Navigation function!



 For more information on the latest releases, see SharePoint 2019.


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