The Best Ways To Keep Your Business Secure

How often do you see non-sanctioned cloud services in use?

Rogue clouds are private file sync-and-share options not supported or secured by an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. The are around organisations which can cause bad situations. To get rid of them the security team needs to talk to CTOs about which cloud service is recommended.

Are we protecting ourselves against insider threats?

These are know as the hardest threats to protect against. It is recommended a multi-pronged approach is taken. This involves focusing on strong background checks on employees and contractors and catching red flags from irregular employee behaviour. As well as monitoring tools to identify instances when any employees have accessed files that they have no relation too. And more…

Do we have a cybersecurity task force in place?

Planning for a cyber attack involves creating a task force who can be involved in disclosing the attack to customers, they will be responsible for securing a network and handling legal ramifications of the breach information.

Is our BYOD policy secure?

BYOD polices have become very popular but they can end up costing a lot of money. Although it is possible to support BYOD policies without risking security or breaking your budget. Mobile management tools  such as Microsoft Enterprise Mobility suit can keep employees connected to the apps they need without worrying about security.

Do you feel limited by your security budget or staff size?

Leadership must ensure that there is a generous budget is allocated towards accurate security development and evaluate whether any budgets can shrink to meet these needs.

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