As recently announced by Brad Smith (President) and Carol Ann Browne (Director of Executive Communications) on Microsoft’s website, there are various issues that the company will elaborate on.
Here is the list of developments:

  • Privacy protection deepens in Europe with rules and regulations while spreading to the United States
  • Increasing of disinformation, the controversy evolves from social media
  • Raising of protectionism in the Pacific. Technology is divided between the United States and China
  • Multi-stakeholder efforts start addressing cyberattacks. Digital diplomacy gains awareness
  • New ethics challenges for AI. New controversies abound among employee activism
  • Concerns are spreading about AI and jobs availability. Further studies coming about AI and its effect on the economy
  • More importance given to the people side of technology, immigration and diversity remain crucial aspects
  • Connecting remote areas with rural broadband. Some progress amidst problems
  • Protecting people in a data-driven world. This is particularly relevant with sovereignty, human right and work operated on the cloud
  • Technological growth and effect on communities. What’s positive for tech companies can challenge a community.


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