SharePoint is used to create spaces so you can securely store, organise, share and access information from almost anywhere on almost any device.

  • Store your information in the cloud and sync it to multiple devices. Also share work with groups.
  • Create public facing websites on your corporate domain name, custom designed and content managed.
  • Stay in the mix with conversations among people within your organisation and get their updates on activities.
  • Manage emails, calendars, groups and events using your corporate email addresses.
  • Get the latest Microsoft Office Suite to use on multiple devices with different apps.

Office 365 brings the workplace to you; you can have all your documents and emails at your fingertips. Literally. All you need is a browser. That’s right, you can access absolutely everything via your laptop, iPad, tablet or phone. With just a touch of Wi-Fi or phone coverage you will be able to update a document, email a client, or place an order with your production team before you even leave the meeting.

You can be on the go, at home, at the office or on the road and colleagues and clients can pick up the latest and, most importantly, correct documents instantly. Gone are the days of sending lengthy, unmanageable email attachments or waiting to get back to the office to complete an order. We have offices in Aberdeen and Edinburgh for our IT Support and it works great.

How secure is the cloud? Very. SharePoint Online mirrors the security permissions, which are set up and tailored to every company. Each user has their own permissions and this is not compromised by location or device; it will mirror the document policy outlined by the company. It will also take care of versioning. For example, you may ‘check out’ a document which means no one else can edit until you are finished.

All this is possible, on the move, with Office 365. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files are accessible at ease; you can even collaborate on a document in real time all via your browser.

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