Sometimes it's necessary to sign in as a different user in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 but when you try to sign out using the user drop down options at the top right of your browser the page refreshes and you’re then presented with a sign out message. View the following page for changes to SharePoint 2019.

Following it’s advise you click “Yes”, Internet Explorer then closes down allowing you to open SharePoint again.

At this stage most users would expect to be prompted for a new username and password but with features like Windows Authentications switched on SharePoint has got a habit of simply ignoring the previous request and logging you back in automatically.

So here’s a different approach to this problem:

  • Close down your Internet Explorer once again
  • This time hold down the Shift key and Right click on the “Internet Explorer” option
  • You should be presented with a menu similar to this:
  • Left click the “Run as a different user” and you should now be prompted for the details of the new user.


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