Microsoft have just released a new version of document libraries and have placed a nice big banner at the top of all document libraries, encouraging users to click the ‘Check it out’ button.

You might think clicking on this ‘Check it out’ button would show you what the new document library looks like, and it does, but it’s also sets that as your new view of your document library, and all other libraries on your site. So if you make the mistake of clicking this button, your library will now look a little like one drive:

If you don’t want this new ‘one drive’ version of the document library you may panic and think you can’t get the old one back. Luckily you can.


The quick and easy option for getting your old library view back is to click on the ‘Return to classic SharePoint’ which has been tucked away at the bottom left of the page.

At the time of writing it is not clear just how Microsoft is implementing this as it seems to be per user, rather than a change to the site as a whole, so there’s no site or collection feature to activate of deactivate this friendly new pop up that appears in your libraries.A CSS hack could be used to hide the div for the ‘new look message’ if you are concerned about users clicking this option when they navigate to a library and possibly getting a little confused. The div id is “doclibNewLookBanner” which is wrapped in a “DeltaPageStatusBar” so you could hide it in a master css file.


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