• The ability to help your Sales and Management teams share ideas and improve progress by being able to working together.
  • Being able to use SharePoint and Excel Web App to share your spreadsheets so you can work together at once to create budgets and reports.
  • Developing your in-house support services like IT ( searchable practices and known bugs, track requests, even remote support with tools such as Lync and Windows Intune)
  • Project planning and reporting support with things like creating tasks, setting priorities and watching for missed milestones. You may manage your huge projects with Microsoft Project Professional as SharePoint is a data storage for doing so.
  • You can save time and find what you need by using Search.
  • The allowance of the controlled combination of your security and empowering employees
  • A dashboard including; Data, Power Pivot and Power View
  • Workflows for automatic routing of business processes, as you would with training a new employee; you could use your existing forms, your employee handbook, training video’s and contacts to bring new employees up to speed.
  • Using SharePoint as well as your other Office 365 tools, like Discovery, So that you can manage, protect and control access to your critical data. You can also create retention schedules as well as it supporting audits and discovery requests at the lowest cost.

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