SharePoint Look Book site is a useful web site that provides pictures on example modern portals build with SharePoint Online. These designs demonstrate what is possible to create with SharePoint 2019.

Having example pictures and written clarifications of the structures around the sites built with modern SharePoint is a great tool. Consulting a Share Point Lookbook can be useful as to get inspired for simple and innovative intranets or layouts for customisation.

Intranets available

There are various options within the platform that are available for full customisation. As so, they are also the most critical parts as a business can chose to build them as efficiently as possible to boost their usage.

Here are some example reported below.

  • Intranet homepage

Your intranet homepage is the place where people in your organisation can get informed, get inspired, and discover news and resources. News and resources are at the heart of this attractive intranet homepage. It uses a News carousel layout to show large, scrollable images, plus web parts to show images, events, files, and more.

  • Hub sites

Organise your intranet with hub sites. Connect related sites to roll up content and activity, and to drive consistent branding and navigation. And because you can re-associate sites, your intranet can respond and adapt to changes in your organisation. SharePoint Hubs let you organise your intranet and drive consistency. In this Marketing hub site, the header, footer, and custom logo is carried over to its associated sites.

  • Communication sites

Inform and engage people across your organisation. Create visually stunning and natively-mobile pages to share vision, news, information and resources. Communicating out to your organisation can be done beautifully and effectively with Communication sites for each region. This example includes lots of visuals using Image web parts and section backgrounds.

  • Team sites

A team site is designed for collaboration. Work together with any group–inside or outside your organisation. Share files, news and data. Customise your site with apps that power teamwork. Associate your team site to a hub site and get a consistent theme and design. This team site also uses the distributed new system, a team calendar, and a document library.

Create beautiful sites and pages

Looking for how to get the most out of your SharePoint sites and pages? Visit the SharePoint Design Guidance site for more information on how to design beautiful and performant sites, pages, and web parts with SharePoint in Office 365. If that is still no 100% clear, don’t hesitate to contact us for private consultancy.

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