SharePoint 2019 allows businesses to design beautiful and performant sites, pages, and web parts. This is all possible with one platform,  SharePoint that is included in the Office 365 package.

Through SharePoint’s LookBook, your creativity is enhanced. Get inspired. Discover the modern experiences you can build with SharePoint in Office 365..

SharePoint design principles

SharePoint builds on the design principles that shape the Office and Microsoft product families. These principles help the design stay true to our product goals and user needs. The LookBook site shares the same principles as the platform.

As so, let’s have a look at them:

  • Optimistic and fast

SharePoint is encouraging and supports fast and agile product experiences that work seamlessly on all platforms and devices.

  • Forward-thinking

SharePoint experiences search for what's possible beyond todays way of getting things done. We care about the needs of people not only today, but tomorrow — what and how they'll create and how technology can make their content have impact.

  • Dynamic and alive

SharePoint experiences are dynamic and adapt to the creator. Allowing for customisation to express your brand and meet the needs of your audience.

  • Accessible and optimised

Accessibility is developing an equal experience for all users that enables individuals to adjust their user experience to meet their unique visual, hearing, dexterity, cognitive, and speech needs. SharePoint believes strongly in providing accessible experiences for everyone, everywhere, and in optimising our experiences to reflect the needs of all of our customers.

  • Authentic and useful

SharePoint stays relevant and useful providing tool, systems and capabilities to design and build sites that help people and business achieve more.

Business benefits

With all these new and improved features, branding your site becomes much easier. You can effectively express your brand on SharePoint, including logos, site name, description and leveraging brand colours. In fact, you can create custom themes and use them to customise your site.

The use of News effectively can also positively affect your business. On LookBook you can learn about News layouts and how to feature news on your site. Furthermore, SharePoint offers a variety of navigation options, configuration, and best practices for organising navigational IA. Lastly, to make the design organised, every business should use sections and columns. It is important to know how to leverage columns within a section to achieve different page layouts.

Design great web parts

The SharePoint design system leverages the power of Office UI Fabric and the SharePoint Framework to make it easy to get started quickly in creating your next web part.

  • Web part basics

Leverage the basic building blocks of a modern web part to work great on any page.

  • Responsive design

Optimise your web part to reflow to fit and page layout and screen size.

  • Titles and descriptions

Follow patterns to make your web part customisable for users unique content.

  • Commanding

Consistency in actions and navigation across web parts is essential in making them easy to use.

  • Layouts

Leverage a variety of web part layouts to make your web part reflow across columns.

  • Theme a web part

Learn how to build a web part to adjust for various site themes.

  • Accessibility

Design an experience that meets all users' unique visual, hearing, dexterity, cognitive and speech needs.

Lastly, one of SharePoint 2019 greatest overall benefits is the capacity to fit all sizes and devices.

SharePoint web parts are designed to work seamlessly on any page layout, screen size and to work great on mobile phones.

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