A useful new feature in SharePoint 2013 is the ability to drag and drop files into document libraries. This is particularly useful for adding multiple documents to a library and removes the need to open the library in explorer view which many considered bad practice as your client is more likely to break things when in explorer view.

As with a lot of new functionality in SharePoint, the drag and drop is dependent on other software installed on your machine being up to date. If your document library looks like the screenshot below then drag and drop is not working and not available.

The reason for drag and drop not working and your document library looking like the above screen shot is due to two reasons:

  1. You are using Internet Explorer 9 or lower
  2. You don’t have any Office 2013 components installed

This is due to the fact that the drag and drop functionality uses HTML5. Installing Office 2013 will add an ActiveX control to allow you to use this drag and drop functionality in older browsers if you don’t want to or can’t upgrade to IE10 or IE11. If you were to upgrade to IE10 or IE11 the HTML5 would be handled and the drag and drop would be available regardless of whether or not Office 2013 is installed.

Once you resolve either of the options above your document library will look like the below screenshot where you will see the text ‘or drag files here’ next to ‘new document’.

 When you select a file on your desktop and drag it over the text ‘or drag files here’ you will see a box appear around the area below your library title and the text ‘drop here…’. You can do this with one or multiple files.


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