Saving a site as a template is a really great feature of Microsoft SharePoint, it allows you to easily create a custom solution to fit business needs which you can then share throughout your company for a repeated use. The out of the box option to ‘Save Site as Template’ can be found on the Site Settings page, but in some instances this may appear to be missing from Site Settings. If this is the case it’s likely that Publishing Features are enabled on your site. For information on updates in SharePoint 2019 visit this page.

Go to Site Settings and select Manage Site Features, from the list find the Publishing Features item and click deactivate.

An alternative solution would be to manually add the following to your URL:


This will direct you to the area where you would upload your solution to save as a site template and there you have it! A short but very handy tip!

If you still had problems with this feature, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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