The Visual Studio list designer is a great and easy tool to use when creating Microsoft SharePoint lists as part of a solution, the only downside to using this is that by default lists created using the designer are deleted from SharePoint each time you deploy your solution. This might not be a problem when your list is still empty or has very few items however it can become annoying very quickly when you are constantly losing data because of this.

The way to prevent this from happening is very simple. Each list definition created has a property called “Deployment Conflict Resolution”. By default this is set to prompt which will display a pop up when you deploy your solution.

Changing this “Deployment Conflict Resolution” to “None” will prevent any action being taken when you redeploy your solution and as a result your list will not be deleted, however new columns and changes made to your list will still be added.

A quick and easy solution from one of our Aberdeen developers to help you prevent this from happening!

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