PowerApps is a software for everyone looking to build custom business apps without the use of complex codes or consulting a developer for help. It is all about bringing content-rich and functional solutions to common users, enabling businesses without IT expertise to create, customise and automate business processes. Designed to provide support for users on the go, teams are enabled to work across devices on iOS, Android and Windows. The software is included in most Office 365 subscriptions and designed to work with multiple different sources, especially SharePoint. 

PowerApps and SharePoint

While independent of SharePoint, PowerApps is available for integration with both SharePoint on-premises servers and SharePoint Online, allowing users to connect PowerApps through any SharePoint lists, libraries or OneDrive. This means that all apps created on PowerApps connect to the data stored on on-premises servers or alternatively on the cloud.

Key benefits

  1. Creating apps can be complicated and more importantly, expensive. With PowerApps there are no codes, no developers, just ordinary users creating extraordinary business apps!
  2. The creation and customisation of apps has been made easy in the PowerApps studio by offering a selection of simple layouts that support a variety of features such as maps, charts and video. From the first step of choosing a template to publishing the final product, the design and implementing processes are user friendly and simple to follow.
  3. Due to integration with company servers such as SharePoint, data is easily accessed and utilised on the go and across devices.
  4. It’s all about access to available sources useful in creating your custom app. Therefor access to cloud-based services such as Google, Adobe and various other third parties is supported.

How to get started

To get PowerApps visit the Microsoft PowerApps website to choose a suitable subscription that matches your company needs. Once you have successfully subscribed with your work email, proceed in installing PowerApps Studio and get started with your very first app. Now go ahead and publish your app and make sure to install the PowerApps player on mobile devices to successfully run it. To further connect PowerApps with SharePoint Online or on-premises, log in to the PowerApps website and create a new connection on the management bar, under navigation. When given the option, choose your choice of SharePoint, pick your gateway, and you are good to go!


To learn more about PowerApps and the available subscriptions, make sure to visit Microsoft’s website at: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/

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