Office 2016 has loads of new features to make using Office easier and faster to use. One main tool added to Word, Excel and more is the Tell Me tool which allows you to quickly and effectively search for functions instead of spending ages looking through endless menus which makes for easy usage.


There are many new features in PowerPoint 2016.  Including the QuickStarter which gives you research ideas and design suggestions on  specified subject. You can do this by selecting the template from File > New and give a topic you want to study. There are many more new features too such as Quick Access Toolbar to keep your favourite commands that are always visible. You can also explore the Ribbon to see what PowerPoint 2016 can do with new and familiar tools.

You can share your work with others by signing into your cloud and you can discover contextual commands by selecting text boxes, pictures or other objects to reveal additional tabs. And even if you need more room on your screen is needed then you can hide the ribbon. Just click the arrow to turn it on and off. Also, PowerPoint automatically generates alt text for photographs when you add them to slides.

You can format shapes with precision by going to the home tab and in the lower right corner of the drawing ribbon group, select format shape open a task bar. You can also change your layout by going to the home tab and selecting layout and new slides will adopt your current choice, which you can just as easily replace with a new layout.


With the 2016 Outlook you can see your emails faster by using the reading pane on the side or bottom to view messages where you want to. You also have the option to customise the ribbon display as well as being able to turn it on and off for more room on your screen. You can explore outlook with the ribbon as well as seeing all the new and familiar features that it has to offer.

You can view your connection status as outlook continuously displays your folder sync status and server connection status at the bottom right-hand side of the page. A quick access toolbar allows you to keep favourite commands permanently visible as well as being able to navigate your mail folders. You can also switch between views as outlook is five apps in one. The ribbon commands will update to match the view you choose.

One of the main good features with outlook is the outlook mail rules. You can set up rules for your outlook to automatically file messages into mail folders you’ve created . Select the organise tab and then select rules > create rules.


Word has been updated so that the enhanced digital writing assistance has more stylish options to offer. Editor uses a dotted gold underline to show that there is a word of phrase that has potential writing and style issues. There has also been a new feature added where you can view your pages as if they are a book of paper so that they slide side to side, to do this select View > Side to Side. Another major feature of Word 2016 is that they have made it easier to remove the background of a picture as it automatically detects the general background and you don’t have to draw the triangle.

The features of Word include someone the same as Outlook and PowerPoint such as sharing your work using the cloud, the quick access toolbar and the easy to use ribbon which you can have on or off. It also includes features such as easy navigation, you can use the optional, resizable sidebar to manage longer documents. They have also included being able to start with a blank document OR allowing you to choose a customised template which resembles what you need. You can also review and track changes such as checking spelling, word count etc. the Review tab allows you to keep your changes on track.


Again Excel has the same quick access toolbar as well as the ribbon that can be explored to see all the available features. You can also discover contextual commands and share your work through the cloud. Some of the new features unique to excel are things such as being able to customise charts; they can be quickly added, changed or removed. As well as having the familiar easy-to-use insert and edit functions that allow the user to view or edit the selected cell or insert functions into your formulas.

Excel 2016 has updates the combine binaries so that you can choose which sample file to use to select objects or specify custom transformation steps. It has also got a split column delimiter which can be used by going to Home > Split Column. Excel will automatically detect the delimiter character.  Also the DB2 connect dialog gives the option to specify package collection. Although this option can only be used with the Microsoft IBC DB2 driver.


The features of OneNote 2016 are familiar to the ones of 2013, like the display although there is now a more colourful border as well as having the same quick access toolbar and ribbon to explore as the rest of Office 2016. There are somethings that have change, for example you can now insert videos from Office Mix, Vimeo and YouTube within your OneNote page. You can also take notes right on the web, after you take notes or highlight on the webpage you can share it to OneNote. You can also share a web page by using the Clipper icon which allows you to clip an entire page or just part of one. One of the other new features is also being able to send notes to yourself in email, users are not able to send content from your inbox straight to your OneNote.

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