What is an intranet?

An intranet is a network that serves a company internally, providing a platform for business processes such as document and asset storage and communication between users. Initially providing assistance for one or two tasks, modern intranets have now taken over a whole range of activities, facilitating a whole company culture in one platform.

What does a modern intranet look like?

While there are several options for intranets with different functionalities, most modern networks have put a focus on the personalisation of content and user experience. Through providing increased social media-like qualities for communication and cloud-based services for easy sharing and collaboration on the go, tools such as blogs, forums, chats and team pages all play an essential role in creating a company culture where two-way communication can exist between staff. Well-versed with social media and cloud-based services, modern business users are also increasingly looking for mobile options that allow work and collaboration across devices without limitations. Additionally, the integration of different software and digital tools has also become important to build and customise a platform where everything is brought under one roof.

Choosing the right option

And while the options seem unlimited, it is important to choose the right intranet for your unique working environment. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the current and existing communication needs in your internal environment. “Would cloud-based services fit our company culture?”, “Are mobile solutions essential for our daily business processes?” and “What kind of communication do I want to establish among my team or company?” are all great questions to begin with. And to make matters even easier for you, here is a quick and easy list of some of the options available to you!

SharePoint - With the launch of SharePoint 2019 the platform has expanded its services from classic to modern with possibilities for page, site and content creation all accessible and shareable across devices. While calling SharePoint an intranet can be controversial, it is a great example of putting an emphasis on the customisation of an internal server. Available as an on-premises server that allows users to utilise cloud-based options whenever needed, users can collaborate, communicate, create and share content all in one platform that integrates several available business applications such as PowerApps and Flow. And if investing in an on-premises server does not serve you, SharePoint Online offers a digital option of migrating all your daily business processes and data to the cloud.


Colibo – Much like SharePoint, Colibo is all about collaboration, communication and cloud-based services. With the possibility to create news, share content and stay connected across devices, Colibo allows the integration of other possible applications to help create a collaborative and functional platform for all business processes.


MyHub – A cloud-based intranet that provides a platform for all the necessities of intranets such as file storage and communication, but also collaborative space for team work. From the staff directory to an intelligent search of available content shared by users, MyHub assists and guides users on their daily tasks.


Creating your own intranet with third-party help – As has always been the case, consulting third-party companies to help in creating a fully customised intranet to fit your company culture is still very much a viable option depending on your finances. However, for a modern intranet that will serve you well into the future, make sure to establish objectives for what your company needs. Key things to remember are social features, customisation of services, collaboration and mobile access. Research well, get help and get started on your custom intranet.


While it is important to choose the right option to fit your company culture, businesses should be able to have access to versatile and functional intranets that truly serve modern business demands. This means putting behind the days of slow servers with only one or two functions and swapping to a diverse platform that facilitates if not all, then at least much of your company’s business processes, be it storing data or collaborating on work.

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