Data privacy and security are global business imperatives. At Evoke IT, we understand and embrace this. That is why we work with Microsoft on your behalf to implement and maintain world-class privacy and security features into the enterprise cloud services; Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint and more.


Microsoft is strongly committed to the privacy and security of our customers’ data and customer data is not used for marketing or advertising purposes. Our customers maintain ownership of their data. Microsoft uses customer data solely to provide customers with the online services. Microsoft does not use customer data for any marketing or advertising purpose. We believe any request for access to customer data, including government search warrants, should be made to our customers, not Microsoft.


Microsoft cloud services lead the way in regulatory compliance. The privacy and security features of our cloud services are built from the ground up and form an integral part of the design and operation of our cloud solutions. No other cloud provider offers the breadth of regulatory and other trust commitments across its cloud platforms as Microsoft does. Our cloud services provide customer controls for compliance, such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), archiving ad legal hold, and e-discovery to enable organisational compliance.


At Microsoft they believe it makes good business sense to comply with world-class industry standards and be transparent with customers regarding regulatory and compliance concerns. Microsoft publish public-facing Trust Centre websites which describe in detail the standards we adhere to and how our cloud services help protect customer data. We are regularly audited by independent organisations who verify we are compliant with our certifications and attestations. We share our audit reports with customers (under non-disclosure agreements) to help them assess our services against their regulatory requirements.


Microsoft is committed to disrupting cybercrime threats wherever they occur. We take action by partnering with internal academia, global government agencies, and private organizations. Microsoft’s enforcement, law Microsoft teams, Digital Crimes Unit is determined to stop cybercrime, refer criminals to law enforcement, and create a safe digital world. We use the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) in developing our products and services.

Protecting our customers’ digital privacy is central to the way Microsoft conducts our business and we have gone to court to challenge what we feel are overreaching government actions. For more information on this subject visit

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