Will Yammer Disappear Now Microsoft Have A New Messaging App?

As Microsoft have released a new messaging app there has been concern that Yammer might disappear and replaced by this new app called Microsoft Teams. In fact, Microsoft have said Yammer could become even more present for Office 365 users. Microsoft have actually shown deeper integration between Yammer and Office 365 Groups and have also held multiple sessions on the road map for the product, which means that they have a future plan for it. Yammer offers a way for your organisation to set up groups around a ream project and is great when it comes to things like; When it’s expected to have a longer response time to conversations, when we need to use a conversation as a reference somewhere else an when you want to isolate external communications to a network, but give complete access to guests to see and interact with current and past conversations.

Although, with apps like slack which are less formal and have chat room is allows people to be more comfortable which is important because although it is similar to Yammer it’s usage is very different from a users perspective. It is also likely that most people that do not use slack and Office 365 at the same time which means that Office 365 users need a less formal messaging service that is outwith Emails or Yammer and this is where the idea from Microsoft for Microsoft teams came from!

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