When setting up SharePoint on Office 365 you’ll notice that the root site “https://<your business name>.sharepoint.com” is setup as a Team Site by default and it’s not as straightforward as you would hope to change it to another template, such as Publishing Portal. This blog explains step by step how to set up your root site as a Publishing Portal, rather than the default Team Site.

In order to have your O365 root site set as a Publishing Portal you need to have admin permissions and follow the steps below.

First thing you need to do is navigate to the Office 365 admin centre. Click on the top left icon and select the Admin App (see below) *Note – if you don’t see the admin app try clicking ‘”My Apps” and you should be able to access it from there.


Within the Admin Centre select SharePoint in the left menu under Admin.

Now that you’re in the SharePoint Admin Centre, follow these steps:

1. Delete the current root site. *Note – the root site will be added to the recycle bin when you delete. In order to progress onto step 2 you need to either wait 30 days for the site to be deleted out of the recycle bin (thanks Microsoft!) or you can remove it using SharePoint Online Management Shell.

2. Create a new Site Collection

3. Select the option <select template later…> from the custom tab.

4. Wait for SharePoint to create your new site collection. Once it’s done, navigate to the URL of the new site collection and you will be presented with a list of template options (because you selected “select template later”). Select the Publishing Portal from the options and the SharePoint will set up your Publishing Portal site on your root site.

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