Visual Studio provides developers with a designer view for creating SharePoint lists. This is a great and easy tool for creating SharePoint lists, however every time you create a new list Visual Studio will automatically create a new feature in your solution for each list. This can get annoying when you are creating a large amount of lists in your solution – you don’t want to have to activate loads of features when you come to deploying your solution.

Visual Studio does this because a feature cannot contain lists which have the same “type” value in the Elements.xml of the list declaration and the same “template type” value in the Elements.xml of the list instance.

By default all new lists created have a type value and type template value of 100, because they all have type 100 Visual Studio creates separate features. To prevent separate features being created you can change the type values so each list has a unique value. To prevent clashes with the out of the box SharePoint lists it is best to change the values to a number from 10000 onwards. It is important to make the type value and the type template value the same number.

After changing these values you can now add the lists into one feature and delete the features for the lists that Visual Studio created.

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