Often, businesses look for ways in which to enforce a common look and feel within documents. For instance, you may find that if you have a number of proposals being generated from within different departments in the organisation they may follow different structures, branding, formatting and wording.

Luckily, SharePoint provides an easy way to overcome this and promote consistency within your documents by simply associating document templates with a content type. By doing this, users who create a new document based on a content type will be presented with a copy of the template to populate.

To associate a document template with a content type, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to Site Settings and click Site Content Types which can be found under the Web Designer Galleries header.2. On the Site Content Types page, click the Site Content Type column where you want to associate a document template.

3. From the Site Content Types Page, click Advanced Settings.

4. Have a Microsoft Word document with the desired formatting for new documents saved locally on your machine.

5. Select the Upload A New Document Template link, click Browse and then select the desired document.

6. Click OK to save your changes.One thing to note is that some content types don’t support document templates therefore you won’t see an option to upload a document template. You can overcome this by selecting a content type which has a parent content type of ‘Document’.

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