You may have noticed a folder named “Clutter” appear in your Outlook account, Microsoft have launched this to help you organise your Outlook account and sort low priority messages.


Clutter is used to store your low priority messages allowing you to use your Inbox for more urgent and important mail, but you don’t have to move it yourself; Microsoft does the work. By analysing your emails and your past behaviour Clutter determines what emails you’re most likely to ignore and then moves them to your Clutter folder so you can read them later.

To start with you need to Turn Clutter on, this can be done in both the Outlook Web App and Outlook itself.

1. Select the Mail app in your Outlook Web App.

2. Access Clutter by following selecting the Settings Cog at the top right > Options

3. On the left hand navigation select Mail > Automatic Processing > Clutter

4. From the choice that appears select Separate items identified as Clutter then Save.

To turn off Clutter simply follow the above guide but untick Separate items as clutter and Save.


Clutter is still learning so if you see a message there that you don’t want to be moved simply right-click and choose Move to inbox. Similarly if you see a message in your Inbox you want to be moved to Clutter, right-click and choose Move to clutter. As Clutter gets to know you and records your choices it will use this information to identify similar messages in the future.

Like Junk, Clutter filters your emails before they reach your inbox, but Junk is processed first so you won’t see Junk mail appear in your Clutter folder.

Messages sent by yourself, anyone in your management chain or line management will never be moved to Clutter. Looking at the sender, the important and whether the email is sent to yourself solely or if there is a mass amount of participants Clutter uses all of these to identify whether messages are to be moved.

Your Clutter changes and adapts with you and your reading habits. Another genius idea from Microsoft, it’s definitely been keeping our inboxes tidier! For more IT Support, speak to our Edinburgh or Aberdeen office

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