Blog posts are there for you and your colleagues to share relevant and helpful information so managing your blogs is essential to maintain up to date information. There’s a number of features you can do to keep your Blog Site up to date. To create a blog site see this post.

Create Categories

Categorising your blogs isn’t a required field however categories are there to help you organise your content as well as make it easy for readers to locate the information they are looking for. On your Blog Site on the Quick Launch bar, select Add Category. Enter the name for your category and select Save. SharePoint Blog Sites come with three editable categories so you can edit the three standard categories; Events, Ideas and Options, to be relevant to you and then add more categories if required.

Edit a Category

To edit a category name is simple, navigate to the Blog Tools section of your blog site and click Manage Categories. All of your categories will appear, select the edit icon next to the category you want to edit. Rename and then select Save.

Create a Blog Post

  1. Navigate to your Blog Tools section and click Create a Post.
  2. This will take you to a New Post page where you can enter your post information.
  3. You can either keep the post as a draft until you choose to publish to your Blog Site by selection Save or you can select Publish which means the post will be automatically published to your Blog Site.

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