If you have Active Directory connected to SharePoint and you have some custom forms or InfoPath forms that pull information from Active Directory, you may come across an issue where information relating to a user displayed on the form is not actually correct. Perhaps even worse, information is simply missing from the user profile.

Now this problem can stem from an issue with the User Profile Service. Unfortunately the User Profile Service is rather complex, and no one thing will be a sure answer. However if the below symptoms sound similar to you, then this post might help you out.

  • User Profile Service does not seem to be logging any errors (or if it is logging errors they are rather minor errors)
  • User Profile Service seems to have a mismatch of how many users are in active directory and how many it says exists
  • User Profile Service hasn’t been syncing with Active Directory when it should be, or when it does it doesn’t seem to pull in any new information

This usually means the User Profile is having an issue syncing the Users from Active Directory.

So first, we need to remove the user from the hidden user list from the Site Collection that the form is present on. This can be done by navigating to the site: http://yoursite/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx

You can also access a more detailed version of the list by navigating to http://yoursite/_catalogs/users/detail.aspx. Find the user that is being affected by this and delete them from the site collection. After that you are going to want to start the management shell for SharePoint and run: Stsadm.exe-o sync -deleteolddatabases 0

After you have done have that the User Profile Service will run a full sync. It’s not a bad idea to run the full sign twice and hopefully by that point the issue will be fixed.

Now when you go back to the User Profiles administration page, hopefully the numbers will actually be reflected on how many users you have, or things like job titles and the like will be updated.

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