If you wish to recreate a list which you currently hold in an Excel spreadsheet and import into Microsoft SharePoint, a quick and easy way to do so is via the ‘Import Spreadsheet’ app. This app will duplicate the columns and data from an existing spreadsheet, using the first row as selected as the field names. Once the import has been completed there is no on-going relationship between the original spreadsheet and the imported list. Here’s how to use the app…

1. Click on the Site Action cog and select Site Contents

2. Click through the add an app icon on the Site Contents page

3. Scroll through your available apps until you reach Import Spreadsheet and select

4. A pop out form will appear; in the Name field enter what you would like to call the list. Within the Description field detail the purpose of the list. Click the Browse button within the File Location field and select the appropriate excel spread sheet

5. Once all fields are complete click Import

6. The following Dialogue box will appear, click on the drop down arrow and select Range of Cells

7. Click the small box to the right of the Select Range field.

8. Click and drag to highlight the range of cells you wish to include in your list and click on the expand button in the bottom right hand corner of the dialogue box.

9. Your dialogue box will expand; click the ‘Import’ button.

And once these steps are completed you will be directed to your newly imported list similar to the one below.

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