Sometimes when setting up Visual Studio for the first time it may be the case that when you are writing code you aren’t getting much help with classes, methods or parameter information as you type:

If your IntelliSense isn’t set up then the only way in which you can view classes, methods or parameter information is by pressing CTRL+J. But for many this would be quite irritating to use this shortcut for every line of code you write. The way IntelliSense works is as you type all possible actions will appear in a dropdown alongside your code such as classes, methods and parameter information shown below:

In order to set this up there are a couple of settings needed in the options for Visual Studio.‍

First of all in the menu bar at the top, select Tools and within there select Options located at the bottom:

You will be brought to a dialog with a list of all the options in Visual Studio. From the list down the left-hand side expand the row beside Text Editor:

Once expanded, select the language which you are working with for writing your code. For example I am currently developing a program in the language of C#. Select the language from the left-hand side:

In this Statement Completion section, tick the boxes of Auto list members and Parameter information:

The select the expand arrow for the language and from within there select IntelliSense:

Once selected, in the Completion Lists section, tick the box for Show completion list after a character is typed:

Select OK and the dialog will close and you will return to your project.

Now as you type you should get a list of classes, methods and parameter information and therefore make it much easier for you to write your code.



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