If you need to reproduce the same format for a group of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 document libraries multiple times a quick way to implement this would be to save the document library with required content as a template. This can be achieved by following these steps:

1. Create a new library by clicking on the Site Actions cog, select Add an App and from the list of available apps select Document Library.

2. Enter a name for you library and click Create.

3. Set up the library structure which you would like to save as a template for reuse.

4. Once you have the desired structure/content within the library, click the Library tab in the top ribbon, go to Library Settings and select Save Document Library as Template link.

5. Enter the File Name, Template Name and Template Description as desired and make sure that you click the Include Content checkbox, then click OK.

6. You will then be taken to the Operation Completed Successfully screen, click OK.

7. Now when you go to the Site Actions cog and select Add an App, your template will appear as an app available for selection

And from there you now have a document library saved a template for next time!

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