Google Maps can be embedded onto a Microsoft SharePoint page very easily using a Google Maps and a content editor web part. For updates to SharePoint 2019 please get in touch. 

Firstly, load up Google Maps.

You can embed a map with a pre-chosen location (i.e. search for a location) or you can embed the map as is.

Click the cog in the bottom right hand corner and then Share or embed map.You can choose Small Medium or Large predefined sizes or specify your own by choosing Custom size. Once you are happy, highlight the link in the top bar and copy it.

On your SharePoint page that you wish to embed the google map, click the cog in the top right hand corner and choose Edit page. Choose the area where you would like to embed your map, then click the Insert tab, then Web Part from the ribbon. This will bring up a list of web parts then can be added. Choose Media and Content from the categories, then choose Content Editor. Finally, click Add.   

Click the dropdown in the corner of your content editor, then Edit Web Part.

Select click here to add new content. Then, under the Format Text tab at the top, you’ll see along to the right the button Edit Source.

Paste the code from the google map into this dialog and click OK.

Then save the page.

You will now see the google map embedded on your SharePoint page similar to the screenshot below, where you can navigate the map around like you normally would on Google Maps. For more help see out local SharePoint Aberdeen & SharePoint Edinburgh page.

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