Sometimes you might wish to hide the title column of a custom list on SharePoint 2013 to be completed, even removing the title from the default view it still appears when you click on new item.


We can hide the title column permanently for this list by allowing management of content types, by following this step by step guide:

1. First of all, on the list ribbon, select List Settings > Advanced Settings:

2. At the very top of this page, you will see a choice for Allow management of content types? Select Yes then OK at the bottom of the page.You will be brought back to the settings page. If you look below General Settings, you will find a new section called Content Types. Click on Item to edit the content type use for this list.

3. In the middle of the next page, you’ll see all your columns with their Type and Status. You will see that the title column has a status of Optional associated with it which we want to change to hidden by clicking the column name Title.

4. On this next page, you will see a section for Column Settings, with the following options

Select Hidden (Will not appear in forms) then press OK.

5. Now when you go back to your list and click New item again, you will find that the Title column is now gone.

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