By default Microsoft SharePoint adds a Title field to it’s lists. This can be a pain when you don’t want items in the list to have a title and don’t want the title field to appear in the form when adding a new item to the list. This can easily be hidden programmatically.

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To hide the field from the new/edit item form first get the list that you want to hide the field on the TryGetList method.

Once you have the list you want you can use an if statement to see if the list contains the Title Field and inside the if statement select the field and set hidden to true. Then you can update the column followed by an update to the list.

This will hide the Title field from the new/edit item form, however the field will still be visible on the form view. This is because the default list view uses a field called LinkTitle not Title.

To remove the field from the view you can check the list to see if it contains the LinkTitle field. Inside the if statement you can get the default view of the list, check to see if the LinkTitle field exists on the default view and if it does delete the field. Finally do an update on the view and the Title field will be gone. Ta-Dah!!!!


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