Key features of this modern and interactive platform

SharePoint 2019 overview

SharePoint 2019 is the newest Microsoft's website-based service that has been implemented based upon SharePoint 2016. Organising, sharing and tracking down documents is a constant headache for most businesses and employees. Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to organise, share and manage documents and streamline business processes.

Features that make the move worthwhile

SharePoint 2019 offers a new, modern design that’s optimised to work across any screen, whether you’re working on a tablet, phone, laptop or desktop. The new iteration aims to help users spend less time searching for content and configuring settings and more time working on productive tasks.

SharePoint 2019 supports increasingly common hybrid IT environments. It includes many of the features that users felt SharePoint 2016 lacked. Here’s a breakdown of the most anticipated new features.

SharePoint 2019 puts a focus on all things modern and interactive with several new features that allow for flexible, easy and efficient use across devices.

SharePoint Home: The new home screen is intuitive and immediate; you can easily get access to the SharePoint sites within your company. Additionally, the start page offers news from the sites you are following in one central dashboard. If you’re familiar with Office 365, you will recognise the SharePoint home screen.

Lists and libraries: Modern lists and libraries are also available in SharePoint 2019. The default lists and library interface has been optimised to better-adapt daily tasks. It introduces a time-saving way of uploading, organising and managing shared files.

Pages, web parts and authoring: Mistakes are common when creating and editing pages in older versions of SharePoint. With new user- friendly improvements in SharePoint 2019, anyone can quickly and easily create content. The web parts adopted are are designed to be easier to use, faster and great looking. There is no more need to employ any code. For security reasons, modern web parts do not allow for the insertion of code such as JScript.

Team sites: Likely one of the most anticipated features of SharePoint 2019, appealing to cloud users through Office 365. This makes the dynamic platform ideal for effective communication among teams. Creating a classic team site from the team site template, automatically added to the home page the web parts for Announcements, Calendar, and Links. On a modern site, there is a section for News, Quick links, Site activity, and a Document library. The branding and customisation of the team site has also been been made quicker and easier.

Communication sites: It is an extraordinary spot to share information with others. News, reports and statuses are easily shared in a professional layout. The scope of a communication site is similar to the purpose of classic publishing sites. However, communication sites are not difficult to establish and do not rely on publishing site infrastructures.

Suite Navigation and App Launcher: The popular Office 365 “waffle” menu is now available.

Search: When using the modern search tool, it is possible to read results before typing anything in the search box, similarly to search engines, the results update as typing. Generally, the search results page shows an overview of search results which are easily accessible as grouped by type.

Customisation: The service is fully designed to be customised around individual needs. There are several fully customisable aspects of SharePoint Server 2019

  • vary the theme -personalise the logo
  • edit the navigation
  • add web parts
  • generate and modify pages

Simplified sharing experience: Previously, it was only possible to let outside users access your SharePoint on-premises content by giving them a SharePoint license or anonymous access. Now the flexible sharing capabilities offered in Office 365 are applied.

Microsoft Flow: It is designed to automate business related process such as routing documents for approval. Similar tool to SharePoint workflows, they are both available in SharePoint Server 2019.

Suitable to any modern device SharePoint 2019 allows for secure, on-demand communication and collaboration when or wherever needed.

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