New feature: Information barriers is now available in preview


A new feature to Office 365 is Information Barriers. This will come out as a preview as a start before released fully. Information Barriers is to help prevent specific groups of people within teams communicating. It will mean you will be able to stop users within your organisation to interact with or view other members of your organisation. This is helpful when you need to stick to ethnic wall requirements as well as other related industry standards and regulations. These policies are put in place and managed with Security & Compliance Center PowerShell cmdlets. 

New Feature: Manage discovery of private teams in Microsoft Teams


There is now the ability to control if private teams can be discovered by Teams users within your organisation. This can be done by Admins and team owners, when they make a private team discoverable it will show up in search results and is included in  suggestions within the team gallery. If they then want to join a private team that they have discovered, they can request this, to which the team owner can accept or deny.  Teams owners can set this discovery setting within teams settings and through create team dialog during creations, admins can do this through PowerShell. Another perk that admins have is that they can choose which users can discover their private teams through assigning user level policies. All teams within Microsoft Teams that were created before this update will remain undiscoverable unless settings are changed. Whereas any created after the update will be automatically discoverable. 

Feature update: Office 365 Account Manager is getting updated


at the moment the account manager in office 365 has an authenticated user who is to access account links, sign out, and change their profile picture. This is being updated so that the account manager is to be consistent with other account experiences across the entire of Microsoft. This means the Account manager will have a refreshed look that is consistent with other Microsoft  products. Just as the old account you will be able to sign out, access your account page and access your Delve profile from within the account manager. 

New Feature: Time Clock in Shifts


Another new feature to Office 365 is Time Clock in Shifts. This is available to be used on Teams Wed/ Desktop and will be opt-in. 

New Feature: Shifts Multiteam Support 


An Office 365 new feature is Shifts Multiteam Support. This affects only multiple Shift team users. It means that now these users will be able to navigate to over teams using the top header. It also means that Shift users can select the correct Team before performing team specific actions. 

Outlook on the web (opt-in) - Share availability from email compose


The new Outlook Web which is currently opt-in, doesn't support the Share availability feature this means that Outlook Web users will not be able to use the Share availability feature. If you still wish to use this feature we suggest you use Outlook through mobile app or use the FindTime add-in.  

New Feature: OneDrive sync client Get Help


A new feature for OneDrive sync client is called Get Help on Windows and Mac. This means that end-users will be able to reach out to Microsoft support from the OneDrive activity center by going into "More" and then "Get Help", this will create a support ticket which a support agent will then get back to you on . This is found next to "Send Feedback" as it is meant to set the right expectations to the user. 

It is useful to mention Tenant Admins can control whether their users see "Get Help" and "Send Feedback" by running the following command; 

  • Set-SPOTenantSyncClientRestriction -DisableReportProblemDialog $true

The SCRIPTED_DEPLOY_DISABLE_REPORT_PROBLEM registry key controls the setting on the local machine.

New Feature: Enable modern communication site experience at the classic root site of your tenant


A new feature will allow admins to enable the modern communication site experience at within the classic root of their SharePoint tenant. This can be activated by running PowerShell cmdlet. With Powershell commands, the root site of your tenant will have a new communications site home page. 

New Feature: Create SharePoint lists from Excel or other lists


Another new office 365 feature is known as Create SharePoint lists from excel or other lists. This allows users to create SharePoint lists within a site or from Excel. This well be originally released as a targeted release in mid-may. 

Updated Feature: Teams chat group size to 100


Microsoft are updating  Group Chat Size to 100. This means that users can add and chat with up to 100 users in a group chat. Previously this limit was only 50 but has now been increased to 100. Meaning you can communicate with even more people. 

New feature: Teams sharing file links with permissions


There is a new feature being introduced to Office 365 Teams, this is Sharing file links with the ability to set permissions. When copying a link to a file and sharing that link with users using a chat or channel is a process that has now been improved . Within this feature users can go to any file from anywhere within Teams, and can make a shareable link to a file as well as set the appropriate permission to the link. This includes:

  • Anyone with the link can access
  • People in your organization with the link
  • People with existing access
  • Specific people

This link can then be shared by pasting it into a chat or a channel. By posting the plain full link, this feature will convert that link into a file chiclet object and the sender can set permissions on the file link being shared, this is done at the same time as composing the message itself, so the recipients do not run into access problems. 

 New Feature: Microsoft Teams supports Music on hold


A new Office 365 feature is Microsoft Teams support Music on hold. This means Teams will play music when an external PSTN caller is placed on hold by someone using teams for 1:1 PSTN - to - Team calls. No music will be played for Teams - Teams calls or Teams-SfB calls. 

New feature: Share system audio in Teams

Another new Microsoft Teams feature is sharing system audio. This means that users will now be able to share the audio content from any content you share during a screen or application sharing session. If you want to share content that has audio, the meeting paticipants will now be able to see and hear the shared content audio. 

New feature: Suggested replies in Outlook for Android

There will soon be a new feature with additional intelligent technology in Outlook for android, this comes with suggested replies so that you can respond quickly to an email. There will also be an expand in controls available to users to help manage the Outlook experience through mobile device management solutions, for example Microsoft Intune. This will mean that if your device language is set to English on emails that can be quickly answered with a short response, Outlook will then make a suggestion of three possible responses. Admins will be able to manage whether or not people in your company will see these suggested replies to emails in Outlook for Android. Support for additional app configuration setting capabilities in Outlook mobile this would be for MailTips when emailing to external users. 

Administrators will have the ability to deploy the configuration keys using any MDM  provider to disable these replies or to allow them to be managed  by the user.  These controls will then be made available in Microsoft Intune . 

By default these  suggested replies will be enabled within Outlook for Android, manually users can disable or re-enable the setting within the mobile app at anytime. You can also edit setting that control whether the user can alter the setting. 

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