Updated Feature: Native connectors to 3rd party data for Archiving (Preview)


Native connectors to 3rd party data for Archiving is getting an update. This will be previewed and available within the security & compliance center. Found under Data Governance > Import. This feature also allows you to archive third party content into Microsoft 365.

Updated Feature: Office App Launcher in Yammer


Office App Launcher and Header within Yammer will also receive an update. The latest version of the Office suit header, app launcher and Yammer Enterprise will be integrated. This will mean Yammer and other Office apps have consistency but will show off any customization. The update will also remove the non-functional Skye Button from within Yammer. 

Feature update: New setting to prevent users from syncing libraries and folders shared from other organizations


OneDrive sync client will enable B2BSync for most users. This means users can sync SharePoint and OneDrive for business content that has been shared with them by others in organisations outwith their own in order to facilitate business to business collaboration.  The new update will include the new setting to prevent users  from using B2BSync. The new BlockExternalSync setting is explained in adm/OneDrive.admx and OneDrive.adml, listed as part of OneDrive Sync product. If you use the ADM to manage the client priorities, import the new files like normal to see the new setting. However if using other management systems to deploy policies to users of Windows PCs, do the equivalent of the below to prevent B2BSync.

  • reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive" /v BlockExternalSync /t REG_DWORD /d 1
  • On a Mac with the Apple Store version of OneDrive, do the equivalent of the following command to prevent B2BSync:
    • defaults write com.microsoft.OneDrive-mac BlockExternalSync -bool YEO
  • On a Mac with the Standalone version of OneDrive, do the equivalent of the following command to prevent B2BSync:
    • defaults write com.microsoft.OneDrive BlockExternalSync -bool YES

Updated Feature: We’ve made a change to the Microsoft Trust Center


Microsoft currently doesn't display the names of subprocessors who may have access to customer data and does provide advance notice of new subprocessors. This new update will mean that anytime there is a new vendor or subprocessor added the information will be put into the Message Trust Center. You will also receive a notification  about the change, these can be subscribed to within MyLibary found in the Service Trust Portal. Along with this the Microsoft Core Online Services Subprocessors list was recently revised to include new subprocessors to help manage customer data. These new subprocessors can be used within 6 months of being published. 

New Feature: FindTime - new language support


A new language support feature of Office 365 is called FindTime.  This will include support for languages; Chinese (Traditional); Chinese (Simplified); Dutch; Italian; French; German; Portuguese (Brazilian); Korean; Japanese; Turkish; Russian; and Spanish. 

Prevent/Fix: upgrade to the latest Yammer desktop build, version 3.4.2


There has been a problem brought to light will users when opening or signing into the old versions of Yammer as desktop app. This requires an update to version 3.4.2. If this update is not done any of your users may have these issues. 

Updated Feature: Teams call and meeting controls


There will be an update to calling and meeting controls within Teams. This update will help to improve discover-ability and reduce clutter by collaborating all controls on screen into one toolbar which will be located at the bottom of the screen creating a new experience. 

Prevent/Fix: Trial Apps and Services Setting


There have been problems with Let Users Install trial apps and services which is a setting within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. For some users bugs are causing this setting to appear as disabled when it is enabled. You will have to check you have set this as desired as it may inadvertently allow users in your tenant to claim a Microsoft Teams Commercial Cloud Trial license. 

New Feature: SharePoint admin center improvements


There will be new features within the SharePoint Admin Center. These will include making all classic feature available from this message center, meaning most of the classic packages will be accessible through the Classic Features  button found in the left pane. As well as this a new feature Bulk Actions which allows you to select multiple sites within the Active sites page and edit them as a group.  Once released this feature will also allow you to delete multiple sites at once. 

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