Updated Feature: New Outlook on the web - S/MIME availability


There will be an update to S/MIME settings for Outlook Web. This will require you to update your S/MIME control through Settings> Mail> S/MIME

Updated Feature: Outlook for Windows previews an updated shared calendars model


There will be changed made to shared calendars in Outlook for Windows to improve reliability and performance. This will be set as default. 

New Feature: Discover Office files in Outlook for iOS


Outlook for IOS has a new feature, this is additional intelligence technology to Search experience. This is done by introducing a new Discover capability powered by Microsoft Graph. This allows your companies office files to be connected to the people in your organisation. You can use this by going to the Search icon in Outlook for iOS where you can see the new area called discover. 

New Feature: Automatic Phishing Detection in Microsoft Forms


Microsoft forms will be receiving a new feature. This will make the originally effortless Forms, a lot more secure by enabling automatic phishing detection which will prevent user from losing data. This new feature will be applied to all public forms created within your tenant and you will be alerted through Office 365 Admin center with daily Message Center notifications. 


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