New Feature: Microsoft Stream – 30 day recycle bin for deleted videos


There is a new feature for Microsoft Stream called 30 day recycle bin for deleted videos. This means the deleted Microsoft Stream Videos will be saved within the recycle bin for up to 30 days before it is then permanently deleted. The Admins within Stream will be able to see the list of these deleted videos in the recycle bin and they can see how much storage those videos are taking up. They can also restore or permanently delete others video's by going to Gear > Admin. 

Updated Feature: Outlook on the web - New 3rd party storage providers


Outlook on the web is getting a new update to 3rd party storage providers.  This will create a new better experience by retiring ThirdPartyFileProvidersEnabled and OneDriveAttachmentsEnabled parameters. These will then be replaced with the new AdditionalStorageProvidersAvailable Parameter. This will come with many changes. And to keep in mind that OneDrive for Business is not affected by this change or included in the new parameter. 

Skype for Business Online is retiring


The new development in Teams means that Skype for business will be retiring on the 31st of July 2021. Both Skye consumer or Skype for Business Server will be effected by this change and up till the retirement date there will be no change in Skye for Business Online. To best deal with this change ensure to plan and execute you upgrade to Teams before the retirement. 

Updated Feature: Accuracy improvements for Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics


There will be an update to reports accuracy within Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics. Changes will impact Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online. 

Retiring the Power BI Desktop .msi installer for an .exe


.msi installer for Power BI Desktop will be retiring at the beginning of September 2019. This will be converted to .exe installer which then includes all of the languages in a single download. Meaning users can change the language of their UI and data model as required. After this change users will not be able to download the current .msi installer. So, PowerBI.msi. will be changed to PowerBI.exe. Now will direct users to .exe. 

New Feature: Service health dashboard - Report an Incident


A new Office 365 feature is Report an Incident. This means the Service health dashboard within the opt-in preview  will have an improved user experience. This will allow you to see a new tabbed view which will allow selection of All Services, incidents or advisories. As well as this a new table view for incidents and advisories with the ability to filter by service. 

New Feature: New and updated web parts available for modern page authoring


There are new and updated web parts available for modern page authoring are a set of Office 365 features. The new improvements include: 

  • Button and Call to action - This means you can engage page viewers through selected experiences. 
  • World Clock and Weather updates - There will be a new World clock web part to make some changes to the Weather web part. 
  • News gets hero tiles as a layout - The original Tiles layout in the Hero web parts has now brought a new layout. 
  • Hero gets second call to action link for large tiles - There will be an update to have two way links per larger tile. 
  • Highlighted content with custom query filtering - add and / or clauses within their queries and referencing properties that they have applied to their content. 
  • Divider updates to allow controlling of the length of weight of the divider - there has been some changes to the Divider web part that impacts the layout of your pages.

Microsoft Teams is ready for your organisation - you can begin your upgrade today


Microsoft Teams is having an upgrade that will have have equivalent meetings and calling capabilities that were within Skye for Business within Office 365, It is important to upgrade to Teams now these features are prominent as it officers all that Skye for Business does. 

New Feature: Outlook on the web - new cmdlet to create room features


Outlook on the web has a new cmdlet named Set-Place. This means you can assign different properties to rooms. Once you have used this new feature your users will have the ability to use the browse rooms option to gilter rooms based on the capacity, floor and features such as AV equipment they create meetings. 

New Feature: Outlook on the web - recurring series room availability


A new Office 365 feature is Outlook on the web - recurring series room availability. This means you make bookings a lot easier by showing you when the room is free for the entire recurring series or how many instances a room is free. So, when you create a recurring series the room suggestions will show the number of times that a room is available so it will display as available. 

New Feature: Outlook on the web - Filters in room booking


A new feature to Outlook on the web is the Ability to filter rooms by features. This means you can now show you room features when you are looking for rooms whilst creating a meeting. This can be filtered by features such as location AV capabilities or capacity.

New Feature: Outlook on the web - My Day


Another new Office 365 feature is Outlook on the web - My Day. There will be a new icon on the top-right side of the web ribbon for My Day. It will allow you to see your calendar and tasks without leaving your email.  

New Feature: Teams - Private Channels


Again another Office 365 feature is Teams - Private Channels. This allows users to have a secure place to collaborate. New features include team owners having the ability to see all private channel in a team; in contrast the team members can only see those private channels that they have been added to. 

New Feature: Focus Time status in Teams


Teams within Office 365 has a new feature called Focus Time. This means that when a user schedules Focus Time within MyAnalytics, presence in Teams will be changed to "Focusing" and all notifications will be silenced . 

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