New Feature: Activity Highlights in the File Hover Card


A new Office 365 feature is Activity Highlights in the File Hover Card. This will show relevant activities in relation to the files you have been working on. 

New Feature: 360-degree Image Viewer in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business


A new feature for SharePoint and OneDrive. This means users will have the ability to see 360-view photos within and interactive, panoramic manner within SharePoint and OneDrive for business. You can also tag your 360-degree photos to end with 360.jpg or 360.jpeg. 

New Feature: Bulk Approvals in SharePoint Online


Another new Office 365 feature is Bulk Approvals in SPA. This means that multiple items can be selected and can be approved or rejected at the same time. 

Feature update: Improved user experience for Admin center Message center page


There will be an update for Admin Center Message page to improve the user experience. New features include removing the Major Update carousel and is being replaced with tabbed views. Along with this when selecting to translate messages, they will be translated to the selected language within the Admin Center,

New Feature: Outlook on the web - New experience roll out


The new outlook web will soon be default for Mail, Calendar and People. The opt-in toggle will also be removed.  So for Mail, Calendar and People users will no longer have an opt-in toggle or have the ability to opt-out  of the new Outlook on the web to change to the classic experience. As well as this Admins who previously blocked the opt-in toggle using PowerShell, will not be able to block the upgrade to the new experience. However for Tasks, if you have blocked the toggle users will not see changes in tasks and will continue to see the classic task experience. If you have not blocked this the Tasks will continue to show the opt-in toggle. 

Keep your Federation Trust up-to-date


There is a recurring refresh from Microsoft for certificates in Office 365 as part of our effort to maintain a highly advanced and secure environment.  This can affect users, if you are in a hybrid configuration or if you are sharing free/busy information between two different organisations that are on-premise using the Microsoft Federation Gateway as a trust broker. 

New Feature: Teams @-less mention


A new feature to Teams is @-less mention. This means that instead of typing @ before a persons name to mention them, you can start to type their name and will get a list of suggestions.

New Feature: Send feedback to Microsoft Teams


Teams also has a new feedback feature where you have an option to send Teams feedback. This can be found by going to Help> Give Feedback

New Feature: New capacity settings allow for more control over datasets in PowerBi


There will be an update to PowerBi capacity settings. This will allow more control over data sets and can be found in the Portal with default settings. Admins will now be able to override default settings for their preference to avoid problems. Along with this admins can set limits for offline dataset size allowed range from 0.1 to 10GB. 

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