New Feature: Outlook on the web - Authentication Session Management


Outlook on the Web is getting a new feature called Authentication Session Management. This means you will have control over the frequency at which your users are required to enter their credentials, and it allows you to configure the timing of the authenticated session for your users.

New Feature: Outlook on the web - new cloud doc sharing experience


There will be an update to outlook on the web where by a change will be made to how Cloud Docs are shared from One Drive and SharePoint. This means that when you post a link for either One Drive or SharePoint within a message, this will be replaced with the File Name and the corresponding Office app icon. It also allows you to manage the permissions for this file by using a new sharing dialogue. 

New Feature: SharePoint Site footer for Communication sites


A new feature for SharePoint is called Site Footer. This is an out-of-the-box  footer control which can be managed through UI elements or APIs.

New Feature: Assigning a package of policies in Teams to users based on their roles.


Another new Office 365 feature is called assigning a package of policies to users based on their roles. This means that Teams Admins will have the ability to assign a group of packaged policies based on the role of their users. It is important to add that users with the same license but different roles can have industry relevant or segment relevant policies with package assignment instead of tweaking individual policies.

New Feature: Replace and Trim videos without breaking existing links


This new Microsoft Stream feature, Replace and Trim Videos Without Breaking Existing Links. will allow owners and admins to replace existing videos or live events with a new video file whilst still maintaining URLs and embedded links, title, description, view counts and likes. This also means a new flow for this feature is available in Stream. 

Updates to SharePoint page and news authoring


There will be updates to SharePoint Page and News Authoring. These include new feature such as; drag and drop files to the canvas; link preview; on page anchors; undo/redo; and vertical sections. Please see below for in depth explanations of these features. 

  • Drag and drop files to the canvas  - this will allow authors to upload images to the Canvas by using the drag and drop, this will then automatically add the file viewer and upload the file to the document library. 
  • Link preview - There is a new preview for links for embedded videos from Stream and YouTube links, this will include the title and description from other links. 
  • On page anchors - SharePoint will also now support anchor links which means readers can now  jump to a specific part of the page that they wish to read.
  • Undo / Redo - This will give users the option to undo any changes before they save or publish their work. 
  • Vertical sections - Modern pages can now have vertical section.

Update Feature: Improving performance by removing redirect 


There will be an update to improve page loading performance for Office users. This will be done by removing any specific redirection from within This will now go automatically to the Office start experience.

Office 365 will retire TLS 1.0 and 1.1 starting June 1st, 2020 in Worldwide and GCC Environments

Microsoft are moving all of their online services to Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2+ to ensure users the best-in-class encryption and to provide a more secure service by default.

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