New Feature: Teams Secondary Ringer


There is going to be a secondary ringer option within Microsoft Teams. If you go to the settings page you can choose a secondary ringer from the drop-down of connected devices, allowing all your devices to have the same ring tone of your choice. 

Update Feature: Site Swap


There is an update to SharePoint Online Site Swap. This will allow admins to swap the SharePoint root site for a new PowerShell cmdlet InvokeSPOSiteSwap. The root will then automatically be archived but you do need to use version 16.0.8812.1200 or later of the Admin PowerShell to get this update,

Updated Feature: Site owners can now manage sharing and access request settings from the Site permissions panel


There is another update to SharePoint online s Site owners so they can now manage sharing and access request settings. They can also request settings from the site permissions panel by going to the "change sharing settings" link. This means that Site owners will no longer have to go to the Advanced permissions page to view or modify these settings.  

Updated Feature: Exchange Online Improvements to Accelerate Replication of Changes to Azure Active Directory


There is going to be an update to Exchange Online to accelerate replication of changes to the Azure Active Directory. The improvements will be made to the Exchange Online Service and to the User object management experience.  This update allows you to mail user properties via the Exchange Admin Centre (EAC), Exchange Online PowerShell, or other API, the change replicates to Azure Active Directory, or ADD, done through a sync mechanism which can take some time. This update reduces replication time by allowing admin modifications to mail user properties be written immediately to AAD, 

New Feature: Office apps for Windows introduces native sensitivity Labelling


Microsoft's Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word will now support Information Protection sensitivity labelling and protected. This is coming as part of the Office 365 Monthly Channel and Targeted update for Windows apps. With this feature enabled you will see a new sensitivity button appear within the ribbon with different options. As well as this Administrator-defined policies or RMS templates will no longer be listed on the existing Encrypt  button which will only include Encrypt with S/MIME, Encrypt Only and Do Not Forward. 

Introducing the reimagined Microsoft Project!  


The Microsoft project is said to have a fresh re-energised management experience. This has been designed with collaboration in mind and now makes it easy for anyone to contribute to a project and share updates across the teams. You also have the extra flexibility to customise and extend your solution to best suit your companies needs. This means you will see the new project management experience, which is part of this new Project, appear in your project home. 

Upload Center is being replaced by the in-app Files Needing Attention experience


Upload Center will be retired from office beginning October. When this change is implemented users will no longer be able to find files that did not save successfully, under the Upload Center, instead you can utilise Files Needing Attention under File > Open. 

Configuration Change for Whiteboard


This update is only useful to those who use Whiteboard on Surface hub.  Easy share for Whiteboard on Surface hub will be enabled by default when it rolls out. Please ensure your tenant is configured for the desired experience. 

Action Requested: Evaluate and update any Conditional Access policies in preparation for iPadOS launch (Intune)


There has been an announcement for the release of iPadOS and it has been found that it could impact Microsoft Azure AD and in tune customers that use Conditional Access Policies within their organisation. This will only affect you if you Implement Conditional Access policies applied to iPads. 

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