Fix issue with Canvas app web link


There has been a notice that read parameters from the URL query may be experiencing failures reading the first parameter. This investigation has shown that a section of the URL needs to be change to resolve the issue. Within the URL you will need to change the "?" with an "&" and the URL will work correctly. Microsoft are looking into a permanent fix for this issue which will be deployed soon. 

Updated Feature: OneDrive will become the default save location in the upcoming Semi-Annual release of Office


There is an update to OneDrive to allow for users to take advantage of the cloud collaboration capabilities in Office 36, the first save experience has been simplified to make it easier for users to save to OneDrive and SharePoint. Once it is in the cloud users can easily rename  or move files between folders from within the apps. 

New Feature: Recommendation to re-use historical forms in Microsoft Forms


A new Office 365 feature for Microsoft Forms is called recommendation to re-use historical form questions. This means that when users begin typing in the forms Title field, Forms will recommend a question based on previous forms.

Updated Feature: Availability of AIR Investigations data in Management Activity API


There will soon be improvements to the Automated Investigation and Response (AIR) feature within Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. This will help your security operations teams better mitigate threats. It also includes core investigation detail such as ID, Name and Status as well as high-level information about investigation actions and entities. 

New feature: Use templates to create users in the Microsoft 365 admin center


There will be a new 365 feature in which users can use templates to creature users within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. These templates will mean users can save and reuse shared settings for types of users. 

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