New Feature: Microsoft Teams - Screen sharing in Teams/Skype for Business interop


Teams / Skype will be getting a new interoperability feature which will  allow users of, say, Teams to share their desktop within chats or calls with Skype for Business. Teams users will also be able to share their desktop with external partners, which can be achieved by sending out a Teams meeting invitation to the external party.  

New Feature: Dark Mode and suggested calendar locations in Outlook for Windows


There will soon be a release of full support for Black Office Theme with dark mode within the reading and compose windows. The dark mode provides a default black background for a message window, this can be disabled to put it back to Windows default colour, white.  There will also be new suggestions for meeting and event locations within the Calendar. This is based on availability of conference rooms or how recently you have been in there. 

Updated Feature: Live events in Microsoft Teams


There will be an update to the regional availability of live events within Microsoft Teams to include customers in Go local United Kingdom. This means these users will be able to schedule and host new live events within Teams with the live events data stored in-country. UK Customers who are not in Go Locals and have their data in-region, will continue to create live events in-region. 

New Feature: Office 365 admin submissions and improved Quarantine file previewer


There will be an improvement to the system for reporting suspicious email messages or content. Security teams and admins will  now be able to make email submissions from the same place where they review user-reported messages within the office 365 Security and Compliance Center. This feature allows admins to do lots of new things such as submitting suspicious URLs, files or email to Microsoft and then receive immediate feedback on their submissions. 

Updated Feature: Mac Files On-Demand Enabled By Default


There will be a new update for OneDrive users on macOS Mojave which will be enabling Files On-Demand enables user to save space on their devices by making files online only. It also allows you to set filed and folders to be always available locally on their device. These users will have Files On-Demand enabled on their machines by default unless an admin disables it. 


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