Updated Feature: Refreshed Folder Icon Design


As Microsoft continue to roll out the Fluent design language and the update to Office brand icons they will also be restoring  the representation of the file folder. There will be in introduction of golden folders. These will see a more modern, functional and fresh design. There will clues display on the folder icon to give you a subtle reminder of the contents or sharing status. There has also been an update to the color scheme which will pull through the whole suite for all devices. This will be introduced to Mobile and Web in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint online and links to these within other apps. 

Updated - New Feature: MileIQ Admin center for managing MileIQ users


A new feature to Office 365 is MileIQ admin center. This is a portal that is used for managing mobile workers who will be using the mileage-tracking app - MileIQ. This is included at no additional cost with your subscription and the new admin center allows for an easy management of workflows and adds efficiency to your reimbursement process. So, the admin center itself allows admins to quickly provision employees to use MileIQ. It also allows them to bulk upload new users, remove employee access to specific features and to quickly adjust you reimbursement rate throughout the entire organisation. MileIQ admin center will be accessible through the link admin.mileiq.com. This update also introduces a new administrator role in the Azure Active Directory - Business Administrator. Once this role has been assigned they will be able to manage workflows within the admin center. The Global Administrator will have access by default however this is only until the Administrators role is filled. 

New Feature: Groups in Outlook: 'Brownbag'-style events


A new Office 365 feature for outlook groups are "brownbag"-style events. This is to help when in a group collaboration, allowing you to invite select attendees without inviting the entire group. It allows you to invite external speakers to "brownbag" meetings on the calendar where attendees can choose to add it to their own calendars, or even have meeting rooms for a group appointment. "brownbag" meeting in Office 365 refers to an informal meeting within your work place, usually over lunchtime - hence the name as it creates an image of your lunch in a brown bag. You will see this is different to the previous outlook group meetings as when a group was created everyone within that group got an invitation to each meeting, now you will be able to choose who out of the group receives the invitation, the meeting will still appear in the group calendar where users can add it to their personal calendars. 

New Feature: New Supervision Offensive Language intelligent filter


Another new feature to Office 365 is the ability to monitor sent or received emails in your organisation for offensive language. It will now be using  learning and artificial intelligence to identify inappropriate email messages. This is as a part of anti-harassment and cyber bullying requirements for monitoring. This feature can be used when creating a Supervision policy. 

Updated Feature: Authentication administrator and Privileged authentication administrator roles


Another update for Office 365 includes Authentication administrator and Privileged authentication administrator roles. The permissions for these within Azure Active Directory will be updated so that these roles can update passwords for users. The only difference between the permissions for these two is that Privileged authentication administrators will be able to reset passwords for all users while Authentication administrators will only be able to reset passwords for users in the same set of roles they can currently act on. 

Audio Conferencing complimentary dial-out period for Zone A countries ending Nov 30th, 2019


Audio conferencing dial-out promo to the 44 Zone A countries will be coming to an end. This will be moved to Audio conferencing steady state in which your organisation will receive 60 minutes per user per month to apply to dial-out conferencing to the 44 Zone A countries. Once these subscription minutes are used, Dial-out to Zone A will require communication credits to be set-up. This will not affect dial out to non Zone A countries. 

Feature update: Yammer simplified first-time login experience


These will be changes made to allow Yammer to be simplified. The user log in experience will be updated based on customer feedback so now new users will not be promoted to switch their language to English or to invite new members and they will no longer be sent a welcome email. 

Updated Feature: Microsoft Teams PowerShell


Microsoft Teams PowerShell is also getting an update as there will be a release of a generally available version. This PowerShell module allows you to manage the lifecycle of teams within your organisation. This new Teams CMdlet module is available in Powershell gallery. 

Updated Feature: General Availability of the updated Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery experience


There is an update to Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery into general availability. This means a new experience for Advanced eDiscovery as well as additional capabilities such as additional custodian intelligence and communications, working sets to improve working with content within a case, and native review and annotation capabilities. 

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