When you have documents stored in your SharePoint site and shared with colleagues you can co-author a document with other users at the same time. For any updates to SharePoint 2019 see out eBook

When documents are checked out by a user co-authoring is not available until the document is checked in again. Checking out a document means only the user who checked out the document can make changes to that document. Once the user is finished making changes to the document they can then check in the document so all users can co-author.

Another great feature of SharePoint is versioning, check out our Version Control blog to read more. Version Control means SharePoint saves every iteration of a document, which can be helpful if you make a mistake or simply want to revert to a previous version. When you are co-authoring documents versioning is helpful to use as it allows user to retrieve changes made by other users. It’s a good idea to set the limit of versions saved of a document as this can become quite a large number over time if there is a lot of users working on the same document and can result in a lot of server storage required.

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