This blog gives you an insight into blog sites in Microsoft SharePoint. A blog site is an area where you can share information with your colleagues, information is stored in chronological order so the latest blog posts are shown at the top and show the author, blog title and month created. For updates to SharePoint 2019 keep an eye on our blog.

How to Create a Blog Site

Creating a new blog site is the same as when you create a new site or site collection however when you chose the Blog Site template. Everyone can create a blog site on your personal My Site, alternatively your company SharePoint Administrators can create Blog Sites on SharePoint Team sites.


Below is a simple 6 step guide on how to create a blog site on your SharePoint Team site:

  1. On the settings cog select Site Contents.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your Site Contents page and in the Subsites selection click New Subsite.
  3. Enter information in the Title and Description fields and enter a URL name in the Web Site Address section.
  4. In the Select Template section click the Collaboration tab and select Blog.
  5. In the Navigation Inheritance section, select Yes for Use the Top Link Bar from the Parent Site.
  6. Finally, click Create.


To create a blog site on your personal My Site, follow the simple 3 step guide below:

  1. Select your Personal Navigation menu (which is usually indicated by your name).
  2. On the drop down menu select About Me.
  3. On the Quick Launch bar click Blog.


For more information on Blog Sites in Microsoft SharePoint, visit our blog page.


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