When you create a new sub site you may have noticed the tiles that appear by default which help you to get started with your site.

Having visual tiles linking through to popular areas of your site allows users to quickly and easily identify where they can find areas of the site they often visit. The default supplied with the sub site out of the box has the sole purpose of leading you to specific areas; it cannot be edited, only removed. However, Microsoft have made this easy to replicate for you own purposes by providing an app called Promoted Links to which you can add your own items, allowing your users ease of navigation. Here’s how….

Upload Images to Picture Library

First of all we need to add any images that you would like to use to a picture library.

1. Go to Site Contents

2. Select the picture library you wish to add your images t

3. Upload the desired images that you will be using for your Promoted Links icons and save.

Create Promoted Links

1. Go to Site Contents

2. Select Add an App

3. From the list of apps available select Promoted Links

4. Type desired name and click Create

5. Select the All Promoted Links View link


Select List from the top navigation ribbon

And then All Promoted Links from the Current View drop down

6. Select + New Item

7. Complete the form with the appropriate information for each field:

Title: Should contain the desired name you would like to appear on the link

Background Image Location: Should contain the URL for the image that you previously uploaded to the picture library. To obtain the URL hover over the thumbnail and click on the ellipses

The information box will appear; right click on the URL and select copy. Return to the tab with the New Item form and paste into the Background Image Location field.

Description: If you wish to include a description, populate text within this field. Once saved, when in Tile view the description will appear within the thumbnail when a user hovers over the tile.

Link Location: Should contain the URL for the destination you wish the Promoted Link to lead to. Open page in a new tab, right click on the URL and select copy

Launch Behaviour: The default selection is to open from In page navigation i.e. the new page will open and replace the page you are currently on within your browser. Alternatively you can select that the page will open in a new tab or within a dialogue pop out from the drop down.

Order: Input number of order link should follow.

Return to the tab with the New Item form and paste into the Link Location field. Click ‘Save’.

When you change the current view selection back to Tiles you will see that your new image has been added.

8. Complete steps 6 and 7 for the rest of your items.

Once you have added all the steps and added the web part to your page, you will find you have eye catching tiles to direct your users to various popular areas of your site as well as external sites if required.


The Promoted Links thumbnails are 150×150, if your image is larger the thumbnail will only show an area of 150×150; you may wish to resize in paint or a similar software package before uploading to the image library to overcome this.

And there you have your promoted links set up! If you found this blog useful let us know, alternatively if you have any queries please get in touch today on 01224 531130 or info@evokeit.com


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