A content type can be defined as a reusable collection of settings that you want to apply to a certain category of content.

Content types enable you to manage the metadata and behaviour of a document, item or folder in a centralised and reusable way. This means it is easier for users to organise and search for items.

How do I go about adding a content type to my document library/list?

Create new content type

1. Go to Site settings

2. Select Site Content Types

3. Click Create

4. Complete the fields as necessary and click OK.

Note: More often than not for document library meta-data you will select Document Content Types and Document for the Parent Content Type.

Add columns to Content Type

1. Add from existing site columns and / or add from the new site column following the same process as you would do when adding a new column to a list or library.

Add Content Type to a Library

1. Select the desired library from Site Contents.

2. Select the Library tab from the top ribbon and go to Library Settings.

3. Under the Column section select the Add from existing site columns link.

4. Select the group to which your content type belongs from the Groups drop down menu, click to highlight the appropriate content type; select add for as many items as required.

5. Click OK.

And there you have it, hopefully you’re now more aware of content types and how to use them.

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