Team calendars in SharePoint are really beneficial as anyone with the correct permission level can add entries, with everyone in the team having visibility of the calendar. However, most people like to use Outlook as their central point for emails and personal calendar entries; a really nifty feature of SharePoint is that you can connect a SharePoint calendar to your Outlook account making everything visible in a central location.

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The process of connecting your SharePoint calendar to Outlook is really easy, simply follow these steps:

1. Select the calendar which you want to connect to in your SharePoint site.2. Click the Calendar tab on the top ribbon bar.

3. Within the Connect and Explore group, there is an option to Connect to Outlook, click this button.

4. A popup message box will appear, click allow.

5. A second popup message will appear from Outlook, click the .

6. And ta-dah! Your Outlook calendars will then update with the newly added calendar appearing in the Shared Calendar section.


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