For the majority of users Outlook acts as their central hub, allowing for the management of emails, personal and team calendars, as well as tasks. A useful feature which can aid in user adoption of SharePoint is the “connect to outlook“ function. This provides a gateway to the documents held within specific SharePoint document libraries.

Here’s how:

1. In your document library in SharePoint click on the Library tab in the top ribbon and then click connect to outlook

2. A dialogue box will appear, click allow

3. A second dialogue box will appear from your Outlook account, click yes

4. The connection will now be made, all libraries that you connect to will be displayed on the left pane of your outlook account under the SharePoint lists heading

NOTE: The permissions for this function within outlook are set as read. In order to edit a document you should double clickon the item, this will open the document in the desktop application. From there you should click edit offline, edit the document as necessary. Next click save as normal and close the file. A prompt will pop up asking if you wish to update the document in the server, allowing this will update the changes in SharePoint.

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