InfoPath is an application designed to enable users to create dynamic forms. Custom InfoPath forms can be published to a SharePoint form library to enable users of the SharePoint site easy access to the form as well as providing a location to store the data filled in by users. On occasion it may be necessary to move the form from one SharePoint site to another e.g. from a test environment to a production environment. It can be a long and time consuming task to manually chance each of the connections to the new location if your form contains a large amount of data connections to various SharePoint lists or libraries.

To prevent the need to change these manually you can use the steps below to specify the new publish location of the form. These are the same steps you would normally use, however if you follow them before changing the data connections to the new location InfoPath will give you the option to automatically change the data connections for the new location.

1. Click File and then Publish

2. Select SharePoint Server

3. Enter the location of the SharePoint site you want to publish to and click next

4. Select the appropriate option from the list and click next (In this case below I am creating a new form library.)

5. Again, select the appropriate option and click next

6. If you are creating a new library fill in the appropriate information and click next

7. Select the fields you require to be displayed and click next

8. A message will appear informing you that you are moving the form. To automatically change the data connections select the box below the message and click publish.

9. When the publish is successful the below image will be displayed and the form will now be published to the new location as well as the updated data connections.

And there you have it! You have now changed the location of your InfoPath form and saved yourself from a time-consuming task! We appreciate any feedback so if you found this post useless leave a comment below! If you need local support see our SharePoint Edinburgh & Aberdeen page.

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