Sometimes you may not want all of the users of your site to see the same Web Parts. SharePoint provides an option called Audience Targeting by which you can specify that certain page components to be displayed to selected users and groups. This option is accessed via the Web Part properties dialog box.

1. On a page that you are editing, select a Web Part and then, in the upper-right corner, click the Options drop-down arrow.2. On the menu that appears, click Edit Web Part.

3. In the Web Part properties dialog box, expand the Advanced section (click the plus sign).

4. Scroll to the button of the Advanced section and click the Browse icon for the Target Audience field.

5. In the Select Audiences dialog box, choose a group type on which to query. Select from Global Audiences, Distribution/Security Groups or SharePoint Groups.

6. In the Search box, type a search expression to locate a matching group and then click the Search button (the magnifying glass icon).

7. Select the appropriate group, then click the Add button to add the group to the Target Audiences text box and click OK to close the Select Audiences dialog box.

8. In the Web Part properties dialog box, click OK.

9. Lastly, save your page. The web part will now only be visible to the specified audience.

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